Wustenahorn’s trainer wunsch: “on a good day, many things are possible”

Ten games are scheduled for the coming weekend in the coburg district league. On friday at 18.15 o’clock are the catch-up game of the 5. Matchday, tsvfb krecktal against SV bosporus coburg, and the early game of the 8. Match day between SV grobgarnstadt and SV heilgersdorf scheduled. The tageblatt summarizes the first quarter of the season and looks at wustenahorn’s coach tobias wunsch’s performance.


SV ketschendorf has the best attack with 14 goals, with moritz monch standing out with eight goals. Heilgersdorf’s sebastian steiner and wustenahorn’s sascha steiner have already scored six goals and are thus attracting attention. Third in the bunch with six goals is surprisingly einbergs "sechser, philipp friedrich. TV ebern has the most catching up to do in terms of efficiency, with only two goals scored. A surprise is that the best back teams with only three goals against are SV turkgucu neustadt and SV heilgersdorf, which are known for their strong attack.


With over 180 spectators, TSV bad staffelstein is the league leader, followed by tsvfb krecktal with an average of 150 fans. The fewest spectators watch coburg’s landesliga-reserve and the locals.


With only ten yellow cards, the players of the tsvfb krecktal are so far the most "well-behaved, while SV turkgucu is clearly the "bad boys", with six dismissals already of the league are. On the positive side for the neustadt cops, however, they have finished the past two games with eleven players each. Otherwise, it remains to be said that the four up-and-comers in particular are causing a lot of furor. Reason enough to ask the coach of spvg wustenahorn, tobias wunsch, for an interview. Mr. Wunsch, spvg wustenahorn has made a good start as a promoted team with three wins and three defeats – or do you see it differently??

Tobias wunsch: of course, we are on target in terms of points with the season so far, but the performances and the commitment were not perfect in every phase. We have to work on that.

Briefly explain the standing of ex-coach bastian bauer, who has been in goal four times this season, and sascha steinert in the team.

Basti bauer is concentrating on his job in meeder for the time being, but will help us when he has time and there’s a need. But otherwise julian becker is clearly our number 1. The situation is of course different for sascha steinert, who is very valuable in addition to his goals as a calm and counterbalancing member of the team. His word carries weight, but he is often still too quiet on the pitch.

The next games are against ebern, einberg and pfarrweisach: what is the route to take??

We will continue to try to score consistently, with all three games being extremely difficult. The pointless eberner and pfarrweisacher surely want to get out of the bottom and are of course much better than they have been so far. Einberg is at the top, as expected, but on a good day many things are possible in the league.

At the end of the round, two teams are relegated and two go into the relegation phase. How many points do you need in your calculation to stay in the league??

Difficult question and, of course, very theoretical. But the last few years have already shown that 37 points are probably needed. That’s an average of almost one and a half teachers per game. The questions were asked by bastian bieberbach.

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