Winfried kretschmann receives medal against the seriousness of animals

Winfried Kretschmann receives medal against the seriousness of animals

Germany’s first and so far only green minister-president winfried kretschmann has received the aachener orden wider den tierischen ernst (order against animal seriousness).

With his fine sense of humor, kretschmann is a leading figure in german politics, said the chairman of the aachen carnival association, werner pfeil, at the award ceremony on saturday. Kretschmann is as quick-witted in his language as he is thoughtful in the matter at hand. "Often the people understand it even better than their own party," said pfeil. Kretschmann’s claim to take every person as he is is the swabian form of "everyone is different".

The minister-president of baden-wurttemberg passed the acid test in the carnival rhineland: his inaugural speech as a knight of the order in the aachen butt, the "narrenkafig", was loudly celebrated by the 1200 or so guests at the end of the festivities.

He accepted the knighthood against a lot of resistance, kretschmann confessed in his knight’s speech: his party had tried to keep him from the highest knighthood in the deep west with "pacifist force. His PR people had said he would get more likes if he did not accept the medal. And the fundis had railed: "it is now times grune basic position that we are against kafigaltung."But as a swabian penny-pincher, he told his people that he would keep the appointment: "first of all, i’m going to get something. And secondly it costs nothing."

Kretschmann wore a classic suit and a knight’s cap for his knightly speech in the aachen narrenkafig. The laudation was held by the left-wing politician and last year’s knight gregor gysi.

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