U.s. Massively restricts military aid to egypt

u.s. massively restricts military aid to egypt

The delivery of military hardware and direct financial support will be halted until progress is made toward democracy, according to the department of defense in washington.

Specifically, deliveries of fighter jets, attack helicopters, crude tanks and missiles were canceled, pentagon officials said wednesday. U.S. Responds to militar’s hard line in cairo. The U.S. Had already halted delivery of several F-16 fighter jets weeks ago.

Aid for anti-terrorist operations and border security will continue, however, said pentagon spokeswoman jen psaki. Spare parts for US equipment will also continue to be supplied. Military training is also exempt from the cancellation, she said.

In july, the army overthrew and imprisoned president mohammed mursi, a member of the islamist muslim brotherhood. Since then, numerous muslim brothers have been arrested, the organization has been banned. On sunday, dozens of people were killed in street battles between supporters of the islamists and army troops.

Army chief abdulfattah al-sisi, meanwhile, no longer rules out running for president. He made this clear in an interview with the cairo daily newspaper "al-masry al-youm" published on wednesday. While general’s popularity grows with each passing week, mursi’s prospects look bleak. The islamist must stand trial from 4. November an to stand trial for killing demonstrators in december 2012.

The army leadership has so far always denied political ambitions. Al-sisi is especially popular with opponents of the islamists. For several days now, a crude campaign has been underway in agypt to persuade the general who was once appointed army chief by mursi to run for office.

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