Two years after steve jobs’ death: apple lives on

two years after steve jobs' death: apple lives on

"Well, we already know that," ellison replied. "We have experienced apple without steve jobs." He drew a curve with his hand that led downward. "I say it openly: he is irreplaceable. … They won’t be even remotely successful now that he’s gone."

What ellison is alluding to is the period from 1985 to 1996. At that time jobs had to leave the computer manufacturer after a power struggle. Almost apple would have broken under management mistakes and the supremacy of windows pc. Jobs took the helm again just in time and made a comeback with successful products such as the imac design computer and the ipod music player. Later came the iphone phone and the ipad tablet.

Two years ago, on 5. October 2011, steve jobs died after a long bout with cancer. "He was my best friend for 25 years," said ellison, who, like jobs, is one of silicon valley’s rough personalities. "He was brilliant. He was our edison, he was our picasso, he was an incredible inventor."The multibillionaire can’t see a successor at apple at the same level. "I like tim cook, there are a lot of talented people there, but you can’t replace steve."

Since taking office, new apple chief tim cook has been measured against his legendary predecessor. And many apple fans and investors think like larry ellison that things will go downhill under the new number one. As evidence are failures like the poorly launched card service or the share price, which is about one third below its all-time high.

It is often forgotten that jobs was also wrong, for example during the "antennagate", when customers complained about reception problems with the iphone 4 and apple gave them free protective sleeves. Moreover, the all-time high of 705.07 dollars was reached by the apple share only under cook, who as former right hand of jobs had contributed to the rise of apple. At around 483 dollars, the share certificates still cost around 100 dollars more today than they did at the height of ara jobs’ era.

What the critics like to cite is the alleged lack of innovation under the new apple leadership. For a long time now, there has been speculation about an "iwatch" as a smart watch – but the first to bring out a device of this kind was its competitor samsung. An apple tv that clears up the countless additional devices and the tangled web of remote controls – still a phantom today. With the new iphone 5s, the innovations are under the hood, while from the outside it looks like the previous model. Not to mention the newly introduced entry-level iphone 5c, which offers most of the same technology as the iphone 5, but packaged in colorful plastic instead of an aluminum casing.

But even here, a good part of the criticism goes nowhere. The initial disenchantment has given way to euphoria, at least on the stock market, after apple announced initial sales figures: nine million of the devices were sold in the first weekend alone. Absolute record. And as for upgrading the model instead of a completely new device: steve jobs himself introduced the procedure, see iphone 4 and 4s. In addition, the iphone 5s features forward-looking innovations such as a fingerprint reader and a 64-bit processor.

Cook and co. Have worked in recent years on the apple of ara after jobs – and in the process have not been shy about plowing up some of the founder’s legacy. So the new iphone operating system ios 7 brings the biggest changes since the launch of the apple phone in 2007. Among other things, the optical replicas of real materials such as wood or linen are gone. Jobs liked them back then: the design of one app is even said to have been adapted to the leather in his private jet. But cook insists he has internalized the advice jobs gave him: don’t ask yourself what steve would do – but do what’s right.

In an e-mail to employees published by the blog "9to5mac" on friday, cook wrote: "i know he was proud of all of you."The greatest honor for jobs’ legacy is to continue the work he loved.

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