Sheep employed two police departments

Sheep employed two police departments

One sheep, let’s call it "shawn" for the sake of argument, had appeared on thursday afternoon in nurnberg in the area of bierweg/aubere bayreuther strabe.

According to the police, residents called the nurnberg east police station and reported that "shawn" was heading for erlangen always running onto the roadway. As it "shawn he disappeared before the arrival of the police patrols and, although a sheep, played cat and mouse with the officers.

In the afternoon "shawn" appeared finally on the A 3 on. At the junction nurnberg-nord it ran onto the road and tried itself as a "ghost runner" in the direction of erlangen. Fortunately there were no accidents. However, "shawn" caused in his search for the greenest and juiciest grass a traffic jam.

Two "temporary shepherds, officers of the erlanger traffic police, could "shawn" finally caught with a lasso, which they had braided from a tow rope. Since no owner could be found, the trip ended for "shawn" at the nurnberg animal shelter. There he is now the only sheep among many sheepdogs…

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