“Peace is indivisible”

According to archbishop ludwig schick, the integration of refugees, the elderly and the handicapped, and the preservation of creation are also part of the commitment to peace in the world.

"Peace is indivisible, schick said on wednesday evening at the peace procession in hollfeld and emphasized: "what is present today in conflicts, wars and grievances in africa, asia and latin america, will come to us tomorrow. Both strife and peace know no borders." To love peace means to seek good fellowship with all people, to be benevolent and helpful to all around the world, and to work for rewards. The peace to the next had always worldwide social, economic and political dimension. That’s why a commitment to peace also includes a commitment to fair trade relations and the fight against climate change, which is turning many people into refugees.

Love to the next

Peace is the fruit of love for god and neighbor, schick said in his sermon. "On the other hand, in peace, love must be demanded among us people, to creation and to god, so peace can become on earth." Love of neighbor and creation is stimulated and sustained by love of god, the archbishop continued. "He who loves god, the sacrifice, also loves all that he has created and wants to bring to completion. Love of god gives hope, trust and the strength to love the next and the creation by working for them in a concrete and active way."

1945 peace

The peace procession goes back to a vow of the pastor kurt weirather from 2. April 1945 back: if hollfeld was spared from destruction, the upper market was renamed marienplatz and a statue of mary was erected there. In addition, every year on 15. August a thanksgiving procession will take place.

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