After death of 14-year-old: school plans memorial service for keira

After death of 14-year-old: school plans memorial service for keira

After the violent death of 14-year-old keira in berlin, her school is planning a memorial service. The exact date, however, has not yet been set, said principal thomas barthl of the grunen campus malchow.

It is conceivable, he said, that a memorial service will be held before the school vacations, which will take place in berlin on 26. March start. "There is still grief and bewilderment, there are questions that no one can answer," is how barthl described the mood in the school on tuesday. Five school psychologists are on site. "But there are isolated students who are unable to come to class," he said.

A 15-year-old schoolmate had confessed to stabbing the girl to death in alt-hohenschonhausen. The german was arrested on sunday in the apartment of his parents. The speed skater was attacked with several knife wounds in her apartment on wednesday, one of which hit her directly in the heart. According to the public prosecutor’s office, the two had been on a date.

Suspected burglary gang: witness almost gets himself caught

Suspected burglary gang: witness almost gets himself caught

Who owns the blue mercedes? The one that one of the accused is said to have financed by stolen goods? The car in which some of the accused were sitting when the police tracked them down? At the beginning of the trial, no one suspected that the question about the owner of the car would prompt a young man to take the stand, who almost got himself caught. In the end, only his family ties saved him.

"Relatives" was the keyword of this day: in the hall of the bamberger landgericht there were not many seats left in the audience area – wives, cohabitants, mother, father, children and acquaintances of the nine defendants had traveled from hungary to be present. The trial of the suspected burglary gang is slowly drawing to a close.

High loot and property damage
However, the second criminal division of the regional court did not pass a verdict yesterday in the mammoth trial. Nine hungarian statsburgers are accused – of aggravated gang theft in 29 cases. On their burglary tours in 2011 and 2012 through upper bavaria, the upper palatinate, saxony and franconia, they are said to have stolen around 820 euros.000 euros in loot. According to the indictment, the men caused property damage of about 46 million euros.000 euros.

Top training is rewarded

top training is rewarded

In a cellar on the rehberg lives a witch who specializes in career prophecies for young people. Two perplexed young men taste her magic potion and suddenly know exactly where to go: a suit and tie jumps out of the pot, along with a training contract at the sparkasse.

Trainees had a free hand

The trainees at the kulmbach-kronach savings bank came up with the story and, together with the film club of the markgraf-georg-friedrich-gymnasium, turned their idea into an image film for training at the savings bank. One of the two main roles was played by tim partridge: "it was great fun, because we had a free hand to a large extent in what we did with the task." The 20-year-old, however, had imagined the project to be easier: "it's unbelievable what you have to pay attention to. Nevertheless, in the end it turned out much better than we had all expected."

Morocco: eu court overturns decisions in western sahara dispute

Morocco: eu court overturns decisions in western sahara dispute

EU must amend agreement with morocco after european union court rules that "consent of the people of western sahara" is lacking.

As the court announced on wednesday, decisions in the areas of agriculture and fisheries of the EU council of ministers with morocco are void. Western sahara was a spanish colony until 1975 and was annexed by morocco after the withdrawal of the spanish, but this is not recognized by most states.

The polisario independence movement, which controls part of the territory, filed a lawsuit against the decisions in 2019. The group supported by algeria has long been seeking a moroccan withdrawal from western sahara.

Frankone lorenz heim becomes an aerial acrobat

FC 06 bad kissingen – TSV-DJK wiesentheid 1:2 (0:2). Goals: 0:1, 0:2 lukas huscher (16., 30.), 1:2 fuaad kheder (79.). The curse of the 06-er in the sportpark continues, also the third home game of the season was lost. This was all the more annoying because the previously winless wiesentheider were limited in terms of play, but with his mainly wide shots from the defensive line, the FC defense repeatedly faced problems. The decisive factor in the failure of the hosts, who were coached by head of defense christian heilmann in the absence of coach mario wirth, who was on vacation, was the poor build-up to the game. In the FC midfield, christian laus worked hard but found little support from his team-mates, especially in the first half. The steigerwalder took the lead after a long shot by christian enzbrenner through their forward lukas huscher. In turn, laus prufte with a flat shot gaste-keeper jan molitor, but this remained the only noteworthy offensive action of the platzherren before the side change. The latter conceded the second goal after half an hour when they failed to stop a pass from martin seitz and huscher easily pushed the ball over the goal line. After the break, heilmann brought on two fresh attacking players in ervin gergely and fuaad kheder, but the next good opportunity came from thomas latteier’s side: after a cross from huscher, jonathan popp headed just over the crossbar. After huscher had missed another gross chance (66.), the guests were leveled with increasing playing time and were lucky that a header by ruslan zhyvka after a corner by kheder was set too high. Two minutes later, kheder scored the next goal when gergely headed the ball into the back of the gaste defense after a long pass from heilmann. But that was it with the splendor of the kurstadter, which continued through inexplicable errors in the game structure again and again brought the opponent in ball possession. The latter was only interested in securing the lead, which was also achieved with an aggressive two-fight hardness. Sbp bad kissingen: fl. Rottenberger – muller (72. L. Rottenberger), heilmann, greubel, gotz – L. Hufner (51. Gergely), laus, schmitt – zhyvka, puscas (51. Kheder), ruja.

SV riedenberg – FC thulba 1:1 (1:0). Goals: 1:0 patrick barthelmes (10., penalty), 1:1 lorenz heim (76.).

A racy derby in front of almost 300 spectators full of emotion, passion and fighting spirit in the upper singrund did not find a winner in the end, but provided for proper fuel and discussions far beyond the 94 minutes of play. "We fought against a very strong team that demanded everything of us and gave us a lot of trouble, said afterwards riedenbergs new coach thorsten seufert, which had to help out due to acute personnel concerns as a central defender. "Thulba outplayed us in midfield with a very strong vicky kleinhenz and an equally strong julian wuscher. Clearly. The FC has given us over 90 minutes rough problems. That’s why it was worth its weight in gold for us to take an early lead."

Parcel shippers turn the price screw

Parcel shippers turn the price screw

Sending parcels in germany is becoming more expensive. The german post office raises to 1. January postage for parcels weighing up to 5 kilograms that private customers have franked at a branch office. The price increases by 50 cents to 7.49 euros, announced DHL package.

Parcels up to 5 kilograms franked online continue to cost 5.99 euros. All other prizes also remain unchanged. The last price increase for 5-kilo packages was in 2014.

Prices are also rising for other parcel services. According to a DPD spokesperson, private customers will have to pay between five and ten percent more from the new year, depending on the size of their parcels. No final decision has yet been made at hermes on a price increase for private customers. "But it can be assumed that something will move in the medium term," said a company spokesman.

Luther and cranach in postcard format

Luther and cranach in postcard format

"You've got mail" – in the early 1990s, the arrival of an electronic message was still worth a prosaic announcement. Since then, the english word has become more of a hip zeitgeist in german usage than it really deserves: after all, it refers to nothing other than the good old post office. In exactly this old-fashioned sense, ingo cesaro's analog, i.E. Physically present, mailbox has been filled with postcards from all over the world over the past few weeks. Watercolors, collages, drawings, etchings, portraits, alienated original motifs, typography – as colorful and diverse as the entries were, they all had one common thread: cranach and luther.

Original with postmark

This was the title of an international mail art project by the artist ingo cesaro from kronach. Anyone can participate in such a project, whether they are an artist, see themselves as such, or simply want to join in. Condition is: the original bears a postmark and it stays with the initiator, who exhibits it and documents it in a catalog or on the web. "It is a net movement", explains cesaro. Art is distributed non-commercially in the network, bypassing the usual, often elitist distribution through dealers, galleries and museums.

As "correspondence art" the movement started in the 1940s in the USA and got in europe with the fluxus-movement in the 60s. Art and life are in a loving transition. "Everybody is creative in the place where they are", according to cesaro. The idea pays more than the artwork itself.

Homeschooling between longing and forced digitization

Homeschooling between longing and forced digitization

The good news first: in one week there will be vacations. Officially, two-thirds of homeschooling is done. Even if the school closures continue, there will be a break for the time being.

A first small survey among schoolchildren, teachers and parents has shown that everyone has found a certain structure for themselves. Still, there is no such thing as routine. Home schooling remains a challenge for everyone:

For the teachers who are expected to teach digitally, via e-mail, video conferencing and online platforms like mebis.

Fund-raising campaign: golden clapper “silvering” the hat

Fund-raising campaign: golden clapper 'silvering' the hat

Norbert neugebauer singing and playing for a good cause is twice as much fun in a happy atmosphere. 550 euros were therefore raised by the voluntary contributions of the 120 or so guests at the 18. Wirtshaussingen of the nordhalben branch of the frankenwaldverein in the barnyard of the "christoph" inn for the "1000 hearts for kronach" campaign.

"But the money goes back to your people", promised initiator gerhard burkert-mazur, who accepted the collection from the hat he passed around with heartfelt thanks. He also pointed out the rough gala in favor of the needy burgers in the rodachtal, which took place on 19. November will take place in the marktrodach event hall.

Usually out of the "hat" come the musicians remunerated, who however this time gladly on their "gage" waived. For the second time, the nordhalben v-town group held its popular community singing for the benefit of the aid campaign.

Sidewalk is extended by 300 meters

Sidewalk is extended by 300 meters

At the meeting of the oberaurach town council on thursday, it was decided that, as part of the renewal of the state road2274 between dankenfeld and schindelsee, the existing sidewalk at the exit of dankenfeld should be maintained. Construction work is already underway. The 300-meter-long footpath that leads to the "seesbuhl" junction is a very special one will not receive street lighting, explained mayor thomas sechser (CSU). At the suggestion of councilman klaus thomas, however, it will be examined whether empty pipes can be laid in order to facilitate a possible later extension with street lamps.

142 000 euro total cost

The total cost of the acceptance is approximately 142,000 euros, which includes the cost of land acquisition, surveying, and compensation for the state building office for taking over the planning, construction management, and other administrative tasks. An agreement to this effect has been concluded with the state building authority. The municipality is applying for a grant and is expected to receive a 60 to 65 percent subsidy from the state’s financial equalization funds.

After the municipal council had approved the draft building plan "behind the spring in kirchaich had decided in one of its last meetings, the formal procedure with the public participation and the hearing of the carriers of public interests was accomplished. No objections or comments were made during the public consultation. The opinions of the public authorities were presented by mayor sechser to the members of the municipal council, who took note of them. Necessary changes will be incorporated into the plan and the authorities will be given another opportunity to comment on them. The documents will also be made available for public inspection.