Experiencing a demonstration of faith

Experiencing a demonstration of faith

In catholic parishes, corpus christi is a powerful demonstration of faith. About 100 years ago, there was a large corpus christi procession in herzogenaurach.

The local historian of herzogenaurach, luitpold maier, has handed it down: there was the procession on fronleichnam itself, another one on the following thursday, which took place outside the town center. The way on fronleichnam was similar to the current procession way, but it was lined with four altars where the beginnings of the four gospels were sung.

The various guild staffs and flags of the guilds that formerly existed in the city were carried in the procession. The procession included boys and girls from both the city and country schools, as well as students from the further education school, the students from the liebfrauenhaus and representatives from the associations.

2 Kilos of drugs in the trunk and some in the blood: escape from the police on the a3 fails miserably

2 kilos of drugs in the trunk and some in the blood: escape from the police on the a3 fails miserably

A 31-year-old man had bad luck on friday afternoon when he was stopped by a police patrol on the A3 autobahn. After the driver had left the highway, he tried to flee with his car. After a subsequent traffic accident, the escape to fub was of no use, the driver was caught up by the officers and arrested. The police found a total of more than two kilograms of marijuana in the car.

Criminal investigator demands legalization of cannabis – government continues to reject release
at around 4:00 p.M., the accused was driving his BMW on the A3 in the direction of nurnberg. After leaving the highway near hochberg, he was to be checked by officers from the wurzburg-biebelried traffic police station. The 31-year-old stopped, but blocked all lanes and then accelerated to evade control. Immediately the patrol took up the pursuit. The young man could not lull himself into safety for long, because he caused an accident in wurzburg by his driving alone.

Escape to fub

Apparently hoping he could escape the police officers to fub, he jumped out of his car and took his legs in his hands. CID officers, who had rushed to assist, quickly caught up with the fugitive together with their colleagues from the highway patrol and arrested him before he could escape. The reason for the attempted escape was soon discovered: over two kilograms of marijuana were found in the 31-year-old's vehicle. He had to accompany the officers to the police station. Since he had apparently ingested some of the intoxicant, he also had to undergo a blood test.

4000 Euros for the security

"Attention – too fast", there are in many streets of the municipality of ahorn. From triebsdorf to wohlbach, a red flashing smiley with a grim expression appears to drivers who exceed the speed limit.

"Not every road user is automatically a speeder", said mayor martin finzel. "Often one is not aware of his own speed, is in thought and grateful for a hint instead of a bubgeld."

The municipality of ahorn already has three traffic control signs in use at various locations in the municipality. The experience has been positive throughout. This stock will be expanded, thanks to large private donations. Hubert becker and uwe hauck from wohlbach each donated 1500 euros for two information boards in the ahorner district of wohlbach. 1000 euros were also donated by christoph nemmert of nemmert haustechnik KG in ahorn.

Man drives at disobedient – trial for attempted murder

man drives at disobedient - trial for attempted murder

During an illegal car race, he allegedly hit a disobedient woman with his car. A 22-year-old man has now apologized to her in court.

"I regret this very much, i am sorry," said the man before the wurzburg district court. There he is on trial since friday. The accusation is, among other things, attempted murder.

Apart from the apology, the man did not commit himself to the deed on friday. At the age of 20, he is said to have been killed on 1. December 2019 in wurzburg with a high-horsepower rental car have delivered a car race with an opponent. His car hit the disobedient pedestrian who was crossing the road with her dog at a traffic light at the bottom of a hill. According to the prosecutor’s office, the man thereby took the death of the woman approvingly in purchase.

“Doctors without borders” against patent on hepatitis drug

The organizations "doctors without borders" and "doctors of the world" are fighting against a patent on an expensive hepatitis C drug.

They have filed an opposition with the european patent office in munich against a patent on the active ingredient sofosbuvir from the u.S. Pharmaceutical company gilead. This thursday and friday, negotiations are to take place in munich. Protests with other organizations are planned for thursday in front of the patent office.

According to "doctors without borders", 90 percent of hepatitis C patients treated with sofosbuvir could be cured in twelve weeks. However, due to the european patent, gilead has a monopoly position and can set high prices for the active ingredient. A spokesman for the european patent office stressed that the trial was not about the political dimension of the debate, but only about whether the patent was rightly awarded from a purely technical point of view.

Federal government examines use of test customers in banks

Federal government examines use of test customers in banks

A spokesman for the federal ministry of finance confirmed on saturday a report in the newspapers of the WAZ media group, according to which the federal government is examining a corresponding legal regulation, after an earlier attempt failed due to data protection concerns. A corresponding authorization should be inserted into the securities trading act,

The aim is to find out whether the banks are really fulfilling their obligations, said the spokesman. Since 1. Since january 1, 2010, for example, it has been compulsory to record in writing what the advisor promises in the case of investments in securities. They must be signed by the consultant and handed over to the clients.

This can be an important document in disputes about possible misadvice. But despite the legal obligation, sometimes no record is kept at all or it does not contain the essential points, criticized the verbraucherzentrale bundesverband (vzbv) a few months ago. Stiftung warentest found fault with inadequate advice on consumer loans. Banks had failed to hand out mandatory information sheets, for example, which must provide an overview of the essential conditions of the offer, and had thus violated the law.

1000 Lifeguards compete in bamberg

The performance of the 150 or so volunteers from the local DLRG association in bamberg-gaustadt and their 157 colleagues from the bavarian DLRG youth association was more than impressive over the weekend for the german championship in rescue swimming. After all, it was necessary to accommodate, look after and provide for around 2,000 participants – including more than 1,000 swimmers, 117 competition judges and 80 people in the organizational area – for four days.

"We have been working on the preparations for two years. We had to do a lot of talking and also a lot of persuasion work, concluded gerhard ohlein, first chairman of the DLRG bamberg-gaustadt. After all, it took five bamberg schools alone to accommodate the many participants during the weekend. But there was also a lot of food and equipment to be brought in.

"We set up 72 beer sets and unloaded 25 euro pallets of dishes in the canteen area alone, the foyer of the graf stauffenberg schools.", said melanie hamaschek, one of the volunteers from bamberg. They and their helpers have distributed around 11.000 sandwiches were handed out and 42.000 tea bags and 345 jars of nutella. And for the evening reception with award ceremonies, a 7.5-ton truck – crammed with lighting and technology – had to be unloaded.

Excursion to two pilgrimage destinations in france

Excursion to two pilgrimage destinations in france

The "summer trip the kirchehrenbach senior citizens’ group took a trip to maria limbach and zeil am main. After arrival, the pilgrimage chaplain, pastor ottmar pottler, buried the participants and gave an insight into the magnificent pilgrimage church "maria heimsuchung, the last work of baltasar neumann.
Reformation and war brought pilgrimage to a standstill here, too, but cures at the little fountain of grace gave it a new lease of life from 1727 onwards. Thanks to a generous donation of money from prince bishop von schonborn, who also received healing here, the new church building could be started and consecrated in 1755.
A special feature is also that the pilgrimage church of limbach has two images of the virgin mary. In the high altar there is the spat gothic mother of god from the 16th century. Century. The mother of god standing on the crescent moon with the child of jesus is surrounded by a flaming halo of rays, while the child of jesus turns towards the viewer. The second picture of grace is a serious gothic pietà, a so-called "maria-schmerz-gruppe" on the wall pillar opposite the pulpit.
Priest oliver schutz then celebrated the pilgrimage service with the group. In doing so, he directed his thoughts to the saint of the day, benedict of nursia, who is also revered as the patron saint of europe.
After a tour of the town of zeil, we went up to the zeiler kappele, where we first enjoyed the wide view of the main valley. Pastor schutz celebrated a marian devotion here. The mesnerin of the chapel, mrs. Hamm, explained with much heart blood the history of the kappele, which is also called "french lourdes" is called. The original image of grace, a copy of the passau image of mary help of christians in the left side altar, is no longer the focus of veneration. Rather, it is the much-visited lourdes grotto in a funnel-shaped side chapel.

Chance of a cure

The question "what do I wear today??" The answer for several hundred students at the habfurt school center was quickly found yesterday: it definitely had to be something blue. The young people set a sign in the form of a blue ribbon and wanted to draw attention to a rare disease that has hardly been taken into account by research so far: CFS/ME, chronic fatigue syndrome, or myalgic encephalomyelitis. With the symbol and their signatures, the schoolchildren want to support a plea to the federal government that research be carried out in this field.

Schuler’s mother falls ill

"A mother of one of our schoolchildren is ill with CFS, and so the schoolchildren stumbled upon the initiative of mathias ilka", angelika reinhart from the "living room" explains the origin of the action. Class 9b of the secondary school took the initiative and contacted mathias ilka. His then 23-year-old son simon fell ill three years ago.
At first everything looked like a harmless cold, then the young man collapsed several times at work. Why, that remained puzzling at first. No examination revealed any findings, but simon’s condition deteriorated visibly. He was in pain, ended up in a wheelchair. At the institute for medical immunology at the charite in berlin, they finally got to the bottom of the disease. Simon is now a total nursing case.

Exhaustion in the affected

His illness is a systemic disease with disturbances of the nervous system, the immune system and the hormonal system. At the same time, it causes debilitating fatigue and exhaustion in those affected, especially during physical exertion. Doctors often diagnose depression, and sufferers are admitted to rehab or psychiatric centers. However, the activities there worsen the disease, because the patients need rest above all else.
Peter kirchner, the former mayor of kirchlauter, knows this, too. One of the daughters suffers from CFS, so it was an honor for him to participate in the ribbon cutting with grandson rafael-peter on his shoulders.
There are around 300,000 sufferers in germany – but no therapy, no chance of a cure, not even recognition as an organic disease. Which for the relatives also means a fight with health and care insurance companies.

Sheep employed two police departments

Sheep employed two police departments

One sheep, let’s call it "shawn" for the sake of argument, had appeared on thursday afternoon in nurnberg in the area of bierweg/aubere bayreuther strabe.

According to the police, residents called the nurnberg east police station and reported that "shawn" was heading for erlangen always running onto the roadway. As it "shawn he disappeared before the arrival of the police patrols and, although a sheep, played cat and mouse with the officers.

In the afternoon "shawn" appeared finally on the A 3 on. At the junction nurnberg-nord it ran onto the road and tried itself as a "ghost runner" in the direction of erlangen. Fortunately there were no accidents. However, "shawn" caused in his search for the greenest and juiciest grass a traffic jam.