Pack your bathrobe? What vacationers are and are not allowed to do in hotels

pack your bathrobe? What vacationers are and are not allowed to do in hotels

Whoever books a trip is looking forward to a white beach, the calm sea or simply a cosy hotel. Sometimes there is a gap between what you want and what is real: the buffet is just dull, the hotel room is dingy, and the staff is anything but friendly. For the vacationer it is good to know his rights in these cases.

1. The journey
A common problem when traveling is that rooms are not ready for occupancy even if you arrive in the afternoon. The district court of duisburg has ruled that even if travelers have to wait almost four hours for a room key, this is only an inconvenience. This one did not justify a price reduction. The first and last days of the trip were for arriving and departing – and not for relaxing (az. 73C166/03). According to stiftung warentest, the situation is different if the reserved room is occupied. If the hotel is to blame, the guest gets his money back. If he arrives too late, he no longer has the right to his room, according to testers. The experts therefore recommend that you always have the hotel's telephone number to hand in case you are delayed.

2. The room
It happens again and again that the rooms at the travel destination look different from those advertised by the tour operator or on the internet. Hateful curtains or a view of the parking garage are not necessarily travel defects that result in a claim for compensation, according to stiftung warentest. Something else applies, if the traveler had expressly booked a room with sea view. The district court of duisburg allowed a price reduction of seven percent because in the specific case there was no sea view possible from the hotel (az. 53C4617/09). Bed bugs are a definite travel deficiency. Anyone who discovers them in the bed or on the slatted frame is entitled to a new room and a price reduction of up to 75 percent, the higher regional court of celle has ruled (az. 11U249/14). If the room is dirty on arrival, stiftung warentest experts recommend that the hotel should be asked to clean it immediately. If the hotel does not comply, the traveler can reduce the cost – depending on the case – by up to 60 percent (frankfurt higher regional court, az. 16 U60/00). According to the testers, the hotel guest has a number of rights in his room: he is allowed to cool his drink in the minibar or invite friends over. The friends were not allowed to stay over night, the hotelier could charge them for another night.

3. Food and drink
According to the experts, the food and drink offered by the hoteliers must be up to hotel standard. If the hotel does not adhere to this and offers only two dishes on the buffet in a funf-sterne-hotel, up to 25 percent price reduction is possible (landgericht frankfurt/main, az. 2/24S96/07). If the food is spoiled and guests suffer from salmonella or fish poisoning, they can claim up to 100 percent of the hotel price (dusseldorf regional court, az. 22S355/99). Many guests take provisions for the day at the buffet. According to the testers. If there is a fruit bowl at the reception desk, however, it is permissible to take it.

4. The departure
Those who pack umbrellas or bathrobes in hotels are liable to prosecution, according to stiftung warentest. If the hotelier does not file a complaint, he can still charge for the stolen items. Even shampoo bottles are usually not meant to be taken away – as many hotel operators refill them again. In the experience of the experts, however, many hoteliers turn a blind eye to disposable items. Those who have to leave spontaneously should inform the hotel in good time. Especially when no credit card is deposited as collateral.

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