Neukirchen has a new meeting place: the renovated playground

Neukirchen has a new meeting place: the renovated playground

Lautertal consistently pursues its philosophy of establishing itself as a family-friendly community. This also includes the next mosaic stone, which was recently handed over for its intended purpose. In neukirchen, the old playground on kauleitenweg was completely renovated and equipped with new playground equipment. According to mayor sebastian straubel, the municipality has spent about 12,000 euros to create a place where children can play freely and enjoy the playground
playing and discovering the world for yourself. Mayor straubel: "children learn social behavior by playing with others." Straubel continues: "the playground is a space where children learn to share with others, to stand by each other, to compete, to make friends, but also to experience rivalry." Not unmentioned, he loves that the municipal building yard has invested 210 working hours.

The residents of neukirchen had signaled at a town hall meeting that they wanted the playground to be restored, said straubel, adding: "the community has complied with the request." That the newly structured playground is not only something for children was proven by the senior citizens who attended the official opening and enjoyed the magnificent view over neukirchen from the resting bench there.

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