Langendorf school is fit for the future

Langendorf school is fit for the future

The work is done: the complete renovation of the johannes-petri school was completed with an inauguration ceremony. A primary and secondary school equipped for future requirements, which for mayor karlheinz kickuth includes three important aspects: integration, inclusion and all-day care.

The integration of young immigrants from different cultures, people with disabilities and all-day care bring new tasks with them – also for the school principals in the state, who complain about a lack of time and too little support from the ministry of education, said the head of the town hall. "The trouble is rough, because things are much better at other schools, as reported by the bavarian association of head teachers", added kickuth.

However, the municipalities – as far as sachauandstrager – take this task seriously. "We want school buildings that meet pedagogical goals, that inspire, motivate and make students feel at home. Then knowledge can also be imparted in a sensible way", kickuth is convinced of this. He especially thanks the former headmaster hubert voll, the acting headmistress brigitte dehe, the teaching staff, the market town council, the administration, the architects’ office haase& laughs the headmistress bey and the exporting companies.

In and around the school building in langendorf – erected almost 50 years ago – there have only been minor construction activities so far. The cube was not changed with the comprehensive renovation, but the petri school received a pleasant building design, self-sufficient power supply through photovoltaics, a new heating system and an interior renovation to current standards. Smaller learning areas, computer equipment, sufficient escape routes and an elevator are also part of the long list of optimizations.

"We have finished, said moderator and vice-principal tamara mullere. This meant that the school and the staff accepted the challenge and met it. The school song performed by all the classes and the "chestnut song" the 1. And 2. Class as well as the poem "school inauguration" the 1. And 4. The class reflected the joy and relief at the completion of the project.

Construction began in may 2016 with the renovation of the elementary school area and the gymnasium. The schools moved together and were accommodated in the building part of the middle school. The second phase of construction followed in 2017, and in june of this year, the students moved into the classrooms. The johannes-petri-school meets the K 70 standard, which means it is 30 percent better than a comparable new building. The targeted total costs of just under six million euros were met. After the state subsidy of 3.16 million euros, the market takes over the rest of the sum.

Architect werner haase and his colleague robert hensel thanked the mayor and the principal with a cake model of the school.

At the symbolic handover of the keys, principal dehe also thanked the community, the municipal councils and the mayors for "an attractive school with everything that goes with it". She praised the companies, the teaching staff and the municipal building yard. "Many craftsmen have worked well together here", confirmed it. The school "unschadigte them with ice cream vouchers.

Introduced by a musical piece by the brass class, the protestant pastor, robert augustinj, and his catholic colleague, monika hufnagel, asked for god’s blessing on the renovated school building and all those who use it.

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