Good ideas instead of airlocks

Air locks are not to be built, that is not the point. At least that’s what andreas paul from the project office says. "We want to collect ideas, it is not a wishful thinking", it emphasizes. This basically sums up what is behind the unwieldy term "integrated urban development concept" – short ISEK – stands.
The decision for this project was made in the summer of 2017. Now the city administration, together with the leipzig planning office, has launched the "buro fur urbane projekte" the "ISEK herzogenaurach 2030plus" process. It is a central planning tool for the development of the city. Paul explains: "it’s about jointly setting consistent development goals and working out a coherent vision of what and how herzogenaurach should be in 2030 and beyond."

Contributing together

The city administration places particular emphasis on a dialog-oriented process. This means that the citizens as well as partners and stakeholders of the urban development will be given the opportunity to actively participate in the creation of the development concept.
"The first ideas for making herzogenaurach a better place to live came to light during the presentation on thursday evening, says paul. The topics are very diverse. It’s about shaping places, regions. It starts with the aurach and doesn’t stop with the feeder roads to herzogenaurach.
"Our expectations are that the proposals are very diverse. We want to know how the living space should be, so that it appears to be worth living in", says the project manager. One of the first guests in the office in hauptstrabe, which was specially set up for this purpose, is christian ort. He believes that the ideas will be implemented. "Up to now, a lot has been based on data, now we are providing the ideas", he says. Personally, he finds the expansion of the fubganger zone interesting, but also the redesign in the space around the aurach. "That’s where the ducks have been fed so far, but there’s certainly more possible there", he introduces the idea.
On a table with a view of herzogenaurach, the citizens can position flags that not only express their desire for change, but also express their basic wishes. For example, flags can already be found in the area of green spaces, stating that these are ideal places for recreation.
Mayor german hacker of course has ideas as well. But basically, he is first interested in what the citizen brings in. He admits that there is a natural risk that "those who are otherwise active in their functions in the city will be the ones who are fooling around". But for him the conclusion is: "if it is like this, it is already more than zero"." He is optimistic that the opportunity will be used on the three days (friday, saturday and coming monday) to engage with the city.

Recording ideas

Participation is also not that complicated. On the one hand, two employees of the project office and a colleague from the city administration are available for questions and explanations. Furthermore, so-called "ideen-zettel" are available for the public in the stores of the old town and in public facilities of the city. "Use it to write down your ideas for the development of the old town and extended city center! Bring us these so-called idea-sheets to the temporary idea-office", it says in the description of the action.
And how does it continue? On 22. February and 6. March we go to the "denkwerkstatten" at the youth center rabatz at 7 p.M. Each day. The results of the ideas office are presented there, as are the resulting tasks.

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