Focus on gundelsdorf issues

Focus on Gundelsdorf issues

The people of gundelsdorf liked to have their say – even without a town councilor and local spokesman having a say in urban politics. This was shown by a lively discussion about the concerns of the kronach district, which has a population of just under 600, to which the CSU local association of gundelsdorf had invited people under the leadership of ludwig gerber.

Second mayor angela hofmann (CSU) said at the beginning of the public discussion that the framework conditions had developed positively in recent years. This way, the debt could be reduced from 60 to 15 million euros, so that even as a consolidating municipality, it was possible to invest again.

In terms of personnel, the vacant positions in the town hall were now having a negative impact. In the future, more job holders, including managers, were to retire. It is therefore imperative that the appropriate staff be recruited.

After the abolition of the statute on road construction fees, it was now possible to construct inner-city roads without imposing an excessive burden on the landowner. Work has started on the rehabilitation of the long fallen fortress road. Due to unforeseeable challenges, the construction work will take some time to complete. The access to the parking lot above the town hall will be free again at the end of the month.

Angela hofmann described the water supply as an ongoing issue. In kronach, the company is in the fortunate position of being able to draw on seven deep wells with excellent debris cover and good quality.

Good progress is also being made on the construction of the new fire station with the district’s own respiratory protection system. There one wants to be finished in the next time and celebrate opening in the spring.

General renovation of the kindergarten

In gundelsdorf itself the general renovation of the kindergarten is pending. Around 1.3 million will be invested in the project. Third mayor markus wich also explained the current status of both the kindergarten and the private childcare facility after interposed questions.

The chairman of the CSU district parliamentary group bernd liebhardt commented on the great media interest after the call for the resignation of party chairman horst seehofer. It was important to renew the party leadership, which was also discussed in the district executive committee. In the district, good progress is now being made with the personnel development concept and the mobility concept. The latter, in particular, is very complex, encompassing public transport, school transport and on-demand transport.

Markus wich thought that a head start had been made with the acquisition of equipment for trench construction. Since the companies and planning offices are all full, one simply has to go other ways in order to be "actionable" to remain. In response to a question from the citizens present, who asked how the list of priorities for the removal of street trees had come about, mr. Wich said that the first thing to do was to remove the trees that could be done quickly, especially in areas where it was not necessary to work on water and sewage pipes. In gundelsdorf, this is possible on several streets, because the sewers and water pipes are in good condition.

A long discussion unfolded about the sale of the local deep wells. The people of gundelsdorf have always been proud of this as a once independent community.

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