Experiencing a demonstration of faith

Experiencing a demonstration of faith

In catholic parishes, corpus christi is a powerful demonstration of faith. About 100 years ago, there was a large corpus christi procession in herzogenaurach.

The local historian of herzogenaurach, luitpold maier, has handed it down: there was the procession on fronleichnam itself, another one on the following thursday, which took place outside the town center. The way on fronleichnam was similar to the current procession way, but it was lined with four altars where the beginnings of the four gospels were sung.

The various guild staffs and flags of the guilds that formerly existed in the city were carried in the procession. The procession included boys and girls from both the city and country schools, as well as students from the further education school, the students from the liebfrauenhaus and representatives from the associations.

The inhabitants of the parish villages also took part in the procession; niederndorf did not receive its own church until 1923.

In addition to the blessed sacrament under the baldachin, figures from the city parish church were also carried; the statue of st. Sebastian was usually carried by six sons of the city’s burghers. Now this office has been taken over by members of the kolping family.

Luitpold maier had experienced it himself, that in 1901 hardly six burgersons got together to carry the statue of saint sebastian at the procession. He stayed behind for a procession.

At the following it was carried by members of the dilettante association. The following day, at the altar of the saint, a bunch of flowers was found with a poem written by an unknown person: even if the youth had abandoned him, he could rely on the older generation, it reads.

The route-more extensive procession a week later led to four stations outside the city. The first gospel was read at the bitters or black basin martyr behind the ziegelhutten, the second gospel at the old trinity chapel not far from the three stone crosses, where afterwards rose the building of the united frankish shoe factory; the third gospel in the suburb, where afterwards stood a rough linden tree, vis-à-vis the konigsplatz (afterwards postplatz). Luitpold maier could not find out the place of the reading of the fourth gospel.

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