Church fair in rudenhausen canceled completely because of corona

On the last weekend in august, rudenhausen traditionally celebrates kirchweih – but not this year. Due to the corona pandemic and the associated restrictions, the municipality as organizer renounces all public events. Mayor gerhard ackermann announced at the meeting of the municipal council that this had been the result of a discussion between representatives of the municipality and prince otto zu castell-rudenhausen. The district office, as well as the administrative community, already knew about the cancellation.

So there will be no catering in the castle park, nor the events in the gymnasium, the castle dance or the procession of the burgerwehr. The health of the burghers was more important in this exceptional situation, it said in the announcement. For the local gastronomy, however, there is the possibility of offering own events within the framework of the current specifications, according to ackermann.

The drums should also be silent

The committee dealt with the request of the two drummers of the burgerwehr, currently thorsten gotzelmann and michael muller. The symbolic figures usually make their rounds through the town on monday evening and tuesday morning to draw attention to the festival. Both wanted to do this despite the cancellation "for the preservation of tradition" do. The drums are also to remain silent this year, the council decided. "If the kirchweih is cancelled, then it is cancelled", as manto castell-rudenhausen put it.

In the meeting, the council decided by a narrow 4:3 majority that the municipality will pay the supplementary contribution for the improvement of the water supply for the parish hall. The protestant church community had submitted an application for this. The whole thing falls under the heading of building work and not under the maintenance of the building. In principle, the municipality is responsible for the construction load of the building, explained mayor ackermann.

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