Half a century for fire protection

Half a century for fire protection

"That's just the way it is", anton kaul answered the question why he became a member of the voluntary fire department oberehrenbach 50 years ago. "I joined at the age of 16 because it was a matter of course for us", he went on to say that he and gerhard arzt were the first to train as group leaders. He also recalled operations at fires, for example in the community center, at a stable fire or a market garden in mittelehrenbach. His daughter tanja kugler is also a member and son michael kaul is in active service with the fire department.

Reinhard kern joined 40 years ago. "I was 17 years old. My father was also there. In those days, you just put out a fire with water, without chemicals", kern and schwarmt reported on the good camaraderie in the club, and that young and old get along well.

Also 40 years ago traugott galla became a member of the association. "I moved here and thought about how I could find a connection", he recalled. That is why he joined the two local associations. Galla was at that time also a member of the works fire department of his company. "In the old days, a fire could start very quickly because the houses were old, had wood stoves and wood floors. Today the fire department is rather called to accidents. But it is important for the safety of the citizens that there is one on the spot."

Seehofer speeds up the refugee issue

Seehofer speeds up the refugee issue

Federal minister of the interior horst seehofer (CSU) wants to step up the pace on the refugee issue and demands more staff for the federal office in charge of the matter. In addition, the first pilot centers for refugees, in which the entire asylum procedure is to take place, are to start operating as early as this fall.

Seehofer announced during his inaugural visit to the federal office for migration and refugees (BAMF) in nurnberg that he would present his "master plan for migration" to the cabinet by the summer break at the latest. In september or october, up to five pilot centers for refugees in the major federal states are to begin operations.

In his draft law on family reunification for refugees with limited (subsidiary) protection, he has "strictly" adhered to the coalition agreement, seehofer said. He therefore does not understand the debate triggered by the coalition partner SPD at this stage of the procedure. "I advise us all to be calm. There’s still time enough for excitement if you don’t get along in the departmental annexation," he said.

Even rain does not stop the wood type

Even rain does not stop the wood type

Last saturday, in persistent rain and cold, wet air, the "holzart kronach" was held reopened. Numerous art lovers nevertheless did not spoil the mood and enjoyed marveling at the different sculptures. More than ten different works of art were presented by the international artists, who were praised by initiator ingo cesaro. "It is a great pleasure to be able to gather a group of artists in the district together with their works of art", so cesaro.
The artist from kronach also had nothing but praise for the sponsors, which included the KMW foundation in marktrodach, two banks based in kronach, various companies and market towns, and private donors. Since there are so many donations and supporters, ingo cesaro has also had a thank-you plaque made, which now lines the stairway to rosenberg fortress together with the sculptures by the artists. The new "gatekeeper" is particularly conspicuous here, made by tom kus, a czech sculptor from pilsen.
Among the other presenters was district administrator klaus loffler, who praised the commitment of all the artists and ingo cesaros. Culture, art and variety, that’s what the "holzart" is all about exhibition to kronach, loffler had positive points throughout.

Burkardroth: usury with water?

Burkardroth: usury with water?

The year 2020 has begun for the people of burkardroth with fee increases: since the first of january, a cubic meter of water costs 1.88 euros, in addition, the municipal administration decided to increase the land charges. Last year the price of a cubic meter of water was 1.75 euros. The burgers are not happy about it. Because already in the previous years, the prices for the "kuhle nass" rose in the market. According to the municipality, one of the reasons for the new price increase is the need for additional personnel, such as a water master.

Burkardroth: a resident of burkardroth shares his opinion in a letter to the editor

Kurt kirchner from burkar droth wrote a letter to the editor expressing his displeasure at the constant price increases for water and denouncing the failings of the municipality. The reason for the increased costs is "incompetence on the part of the administration". In his letter to the editor, kirchner considers the reasons given by the market for the price increase to be "flimsy.

However, the municipality does indeed need a water master. This is clear from the rules and regulations of the german technical and scientific association for gas and water (DVGW). The requirements are based on the complexity of the supply system.

New food logo nutri-score to be launched in november

New food logo nutri-score to be launched in november

The new colorful nutri-score logo is to be launched on a broad front in november to make it easier for customers to identify healthier foods when they go shopping.

German food minister julia klockner (CDU) told the deutsche presse-agentur that the label provides consumers with easy-to-understand and comparable information and thus "the best orientation at the supermarket shelf". A regulation launched by the federal government has now been given the green light by the EU, and the bundesrat is expected to approve it this friday. It creates the legal framework for manufacturers to voluntarily print the logo on packages of finished products.

Klockner said: "I have the clear expectation of the companies that they use the labeling."It is not a question of consumers doing without, but of making conscious choices without having to study lengthy nutritional tables. "These will continue to remain on the back page. But on the front there will be a visually clear orientation guide. If too many fats, sugars or salt are included, the evaluation becomes less favorable."

The municipality has problems with its “herrschaftsfeld” building area

The municipality has problems with its 'herrschaftsfeld' building area

At its most recent meeting on monday, the municipal council once again refused to approve the construction of a new residential building with parking spaces in the "herrschaftsfeld" area. With the exception of mayor martin rauscher (uwn), the committee rejected the building application. It took the position that the deviations from the development plan were too significant, as the requested eaves height of 8.29 meters was too excessive. The problem: in the same building area already exemptions were approved.

The case is viewed differently by the lower building supervisory authority of the district office, whose representative had inspected the property and determined that the change to the "herrschaftsfeld" development plan was not necessary had gone very unhappily. In the case of a further change, due to the topographical situation, it would probably no longer be possible to build a house in the approval exemption procedure. "Setting a maximum eaves height of six meters is hardly feasible with two full stories", the representative of the building supervisory authority stated.

Now the district office has to decide on a building permit and the further procedure, although the municipality has already been asked to review and reconsider its earlier decision.

Safety at the world heritage run: sweat and protect

The two men have got a real top spot at the world cultural heritage run (WKEL) in bamberg on this sunday afternoon: not far from the finish line at maximiliansplatz, they are cheering for the many runners off the track. Not only because of the fantastic temperatures, the friends draw a positive conclusion: "great weather, many spectators, no incidents. What more could you want?", the bambergers are pleased.

Indeed, the eighth edition of the popular bamberger volkslauf on the last day of april was once again a special event: around 11300 athletes and more than 30,000 fans had traveled to the event. Nevertheless, the seven competitions went smoothly over the stage. "It was a very quiet operation overall", bamberg's police spokeswoman silke gahn summed up the situation.

The police, the fire department, the city and the organizers had done everything in advance to ensure that the safety aspect would not be neglected at this major french event. In france, too, the terror threat has been prasent since the terrorist attack in berlin, where an assassin drove a truck into a crowd of people last december. "Because of this abstract danger, some precautions have been taken. However, there were no concrete indications of a threat to commit a crime", gahn emphasized.

Abraham geiger kolleg turns 20

Abraham geiger kolleg turns 20

Anita kantor holds a thora role in her hands and dreams. Hungarian to be ordained as a rabbi in the next few months.

Then she wants to return to budapest and found a teaching house for jewish knowledge and religion, a "beth midrash," as such an educational institution is called in hebrew. "This is more than a dream," says cantor. The abraham geiger kolleg (AGK) in potsdam, where kantor has been studying since 2014, has promised support.

The AGK has been training rabbis for 20 years. He can hardly believe that the idea of founding a training center for liberal clergy in germany for the first time has now become a center of european judaism. This is what the founder and director walter homolka says. The college is part of the renaissance of judaism in central europe – despite increasing hostility toward israel and anti-semitism.

Tuschnitz celebrates the establishment of its lowland castle 700 years ago

Tuschnitz celebrates the establishment of its lowland castle 700 years ago

Veronika schadeck tuschnitz- a true piece of history will be brought to life for all generations this weekend in tuschnitz. The inhabitants of the kupser village are celebrating "700 years of tuschnitz castle".

What is now a niederungsburg? As burgermeister bernd rebhan explained, this is a castle that stands in the lowlands, in this case on the aue. Most of the castles, such as rosenberg fortress or lauenstein castle, stood on high ground.

700 years ago, in 1319, the foundation stone was laid in the form of a wooden foundation. The special thing about it, according to the mayor, is that the foundation walls were only discovered a few years ago. As rebhan further explained, the company otto muhlherr had wanted to build houses on this flat site in 1990. It was rather by chance that they stumbled upon the remains of the foundations. Rebhan is still relieved today that the municipality was able to take over these plains at that time. Then, together with the district of kronach and the bavarian state office for the preservation of historical monuments, the foundations were uncovered.

2 Kilos of drugs in the trunk and some in the blood: escape from the police on the a3 fails miserably

2 kilos of drugs in the trunk and some in the blood: escape from the police on the a3 fails miserably

A 31-year-old man had bad luck on friday afternoon when he was stopped by a police patrol on the A3 autobahn. After the driver had left the highway, he tried to flee with his car. After a subsequent traffic accident, the escape to fub was of no use, the driver was caught up by the officers and arrested. The police found a total of more than two kilograms of marijuana in the car.

Criminal investigator demands legalization of cannabis – government continues to reject release
at around 4:00 p.M., the accused was driving his BMW on the A3 in the direction of nurnberg. After leaving the highway near hochberg, he was to be checked by officers from the wurzburg-biebelried traffic police station. The 31-year-old stopped, but blocked all lanes and then accelerated to evade control. Immediately the patrol took up the pursuit. The young man could not lull himself into safety for long, because he caused an accident in wurzburg by his driving alone.

Escape to fub

Apparently hoping he could escape the police officers to fub, he jumped out of his car and took his legs in his hands. CID officers, who had rushed to assist, quickly caught up with the fugitive together with their colleagues from the highway patrol and arrested him before he could escape. The reason for the attempted escape was soon discovered: over two kilograms of marijuana were found in the 31-year-old's vehicle. He had to accompany the officers to the police station. Since he had apparently ingested some of the intoxicant, he also had to undergo a blood test.