Frankone lorenz heim becomes an aerial acrobat

FC 06 bad kissingen – TSV-DJK wiesentheid 1:2 (0:2). Goals: 0:1, 0:2 lukas huscher (16., 30.), 1:2 fuaad kheder (79.). The curse of the 06-er in the sportpark continues, also the third home game of the season was lost. This was all the more annoying because the previously winless wiesentheider were limited in terms of play, but with his mainly wide shots from the defensive line, the FC defense repeatedly faced problems. The decisive factor in the failure of the hosts, who were coached by head of defense christian heilmann in the absence of coach mario wirth, who was on vacation, was the poor build-up to the game. In the FC midfield, christian laus worked hard but found little support from his team-mates, especially in the first half. The steigerwalder took the lead after a long shot by christian enzbrenner through their forward lukas huscher. In turn, laus prufte with a flat shot gaste-keeper jan molitor, but this remained the only noteworthy offensive action of the platzherren before the side change. The latter conceded the second goal after half an hour when they failed to stop a pass from martin seitz and huscher easily pushed the ball over the goal line. After the break, heilmann brought on two fresh attacking players in ervin gergely and fuaad kheder, but the next good opportunity came from thomas latteier’s side: after a cross from huscher, jonathan popp headed just over the crossbar. After huscher had missed another gross chance (66.), the guests were leveled with increasing playing time and were lucky that a header by ruslan zhyvka after a corner by kheder was set too high. Two minutes later, kheder scored the next goal when gergely headed the ball into the back of the gaste defense after a long pass from heilmann. But that was it with the splendor of the kurstadter, which continued through inexplicable errors in the game structure again and again brought the opponent in ball possession. The latter was only interested in securing the lead, which was also achieved with an aggressive two-fight hardness. Sbp bad kissingen: fl. Rottenberger – muller (72. L. Rottenberger), heilmann, greubel, gotz – L. Hufner (51. Gergely), laus, schmitt – zhyvka, puscas (51. Kheder), ruja.

SV riedenberg – FC thulba 1:1 (1:0). Goals: 1:0 patrick barthelmes (10., penalty), 1:1 lorenz heim (76.).

A racy derby in front of almost 300 spectators full of emotion, passion and fighting spirit in the upper singrund did not find a winner in the end, but provided for proper fuel and discussions far beyond the 94 minutes of play. "We fought against a very strong team that demanded everything of us and gave us a lot of trouble, said afterwards riedenbergs new coach thorsten seufert, which had to help out due to acute personnel concerns as a central defender. "Thulba outplayed us in midfield with a very strong vicky kleinhenz and an equally strong julian wuscher. Clearly. The FC has given us over 90 minutes rough problems. That’s why it was worth its weight in gold for us to take an early lead."

Parcel shippers turn the price screw

Parcel shippers turn the price screw

Sending parcels in germany is becoming more expensive. The german post office raises to 1. January postage for parcels weighing up to 5 kilograms that private customers have franked at a branch office. The price increases by 50 cents to 7.49 euros, announced DHL package.

Parcels up to 5 kilograms franked online continue to cost 5.99 euros. All other prizes also remain unchanged. The last price increase for 5-kilo packages was in 2014.

Prices are also rising for other parcel services. According to a DPD spokesperson, private customers will have to pay between five and ten percent more from the new year, depending on the size of their parcels. No final decision has yet been made at hermes on a price increase for private customers. "But it can be assumed that something will move in the medium term," said a company spokesman.

Sidewalk is extended by 300 meters

Sidewalk is extended by 300 meters

At the meeting of the oberaurach town council on thursday, it was decided that, as part of the renewal of the state road2274 between dankenfeld and schindelsee, the existing sidewalk at the exit of dankenfeld should be maintained. Construction work is already underway. The 300-meter-long footpath that leads to the "seesbuhl" junction is a very special one will not receive street lighting, explained mayor thomas sechser (CSU). At the suggestion of councilman klaus thomas, however, it will be examined whether empty pipes can be laid in order to facilitate a possible later extension with street lamps.

142 000 euro total cost

The total cost of the acceptance is approximately 142,000 euros, which includes the cost of land acquisition, surveying, and compensation for the state building office for taking over the planning, construction management, and other administrative tasks. An agreement to this effect has been concluded with the state building authority. The municipality is applying for a grant and is expected to receive a 60 to 65 percent subsidy from the state’s financial equalization funds.

After the municipal council had approved the draft building plan "behind the spring in kirchaich had decided in one of its last meetings, the formal procedure with the public participation and the hearing of the carriers of public interests was accomplished. No objections or comments were made during the public consultation. The opinions of the public authorities were presented by mayor sechser to the members of the municipal council, who took note of them. Necessary changes will be incorporated into the plan and the authorities will be given another opportunity to comment on them. The documents will also be made available for public inspection.

Creativity in kronach

Creativity in Kronach

The kronacher kunstverein (KKV) has chosen the term "cohesion", which serves as a yardstick for a functioning society, as the theme for its annual exhibition with 36 artists, most of them from the regional area. Sabine raithel, chairman of the board, opened the meeting by explaining that for the association, cohesion consists of stable, trusting and multifaceted social relationships. One sees a positive emotional connection with the community, whose basic order is accepted as fair, and the readiness of the people to stand up for the general public and for weaker people.

Cohesion was often in demand this year when, due to the corona, half of the program had to be cancelled and various artists had to cancel their performances. However, under the motto "we never sleep," a nationally acclaimed exhibition of works by the berlin light artist susanne rottenbacher and the installation artist markus butkereit took place. On the basis of this very successful exhibition, new contacts were established with renowned galleries, which became aware of the work of the KKV.

A thousand-assassa with a zest for experimentation

The annual exhibition was coupled with a special show on the occasion of the 80th birthday of peter bannert. Peter bannert's birthday. After working for well-known companies such as blaupunkt, olympia, bosch and junkers, his path led him to loewe in kronach in 1983 . He was responsible for the chic appearance of award-winning consumer electronics before he went into business for himself with bannert design in kronach later on. Sabine raithel described peter bannert as an "ace of all trades" who likes to experiment and also likes to use unusual materials. For bannert, who describes himself as a designer, it is first and foremost the beautiful appearance that is decisive. A cross-section of bannert's artistic work was therefore shown as part of the annual exhibition.

Chaos club chelsea has two titles in its sights

chaos club chelsea has two titles in its sights

The dethroned champions league winners were the only english team to make it to the semifinals – and the wayward millionaire squad could save a messed up season with two trophies after all. In the no-more-than-not appearance in moscow against rubin kasan (2:3) on thursday evening, chelsea's perennial problem child: "mask man" fernando torres, of all people, shined.

For the spanish world and european champion, the european league has become a therapy program: the hubsche lupfer for a 1:0 lead (4). The fourth goal in the 29-year-old's third competitive match, still wearing the eerie black mask after fracturing his nose against steaua bukarest, was scored in the 29th minute. Like a phantom, the permanently criticized 58-million-euro man has already scored 19 mandatory goals this season. "The old magic is back? Torres is perhaps playing his best football since joining chelsea," says the tabloid daily mail.

Next opponents and last opponent before a possible final on 15. May in amsterdam is FC basel, which eliminated tottenham hotspur with lewis holtby on penalties and reached a european cup semifinal for the first time. In moscow, the blues wonder team without bench printer marko marin once again proved its unpredictability. After the 3:1 in the first leg, it was enough to advance. Chelsea wouldn't be chelsea if it weren't for a half-time spat between lampard and head of defense david luiz that made negative headlines. Coach rafael benitez already talked about the incident: "it's always good when professionals argue about things that happen on the pitch."

Special meeting on s 21 on 5. Marz planned

Special meeting on s 21 on 5. Marz planned

The bahn executive board met for a regular meeting in berlin on the same day. Stuttgart 21 also played a role here. He did not know anything about the details of the board discussions, a railroad spokesman said when asked.

The "stuttgarter nachrichten" (tuesday) reported that the executive board wants to agree on a strategy for future discussions with the supervisory board, the federal government and the project partners of the state, city and region of baden-wurttemberg. For days, there have also been discussions about a possible withdrawal from the construction project, which includes an underground transit station in the center of stuttgart and a connection to a high-speed rail line.

In december, the railroad board had informed the supervisory board and the public that the financing framework for stuttgart 21 would have to be increased by 1.1 billion euros to 5.6 billion euros. In addition, there were risks of 1.2 billion euros. The railroad supervisory board can approve the new financial concept or decide on a different solution.

“Peace is indivisible”

According to archbishop ludwig schick, the integration of refugees, the elderly and the handicapped, and the preservation of creation are also part of the commitment to peace in the world.

"Peace is indivisible, schick said on wednesday evening at the peace procession in hollfeld and emphasized: "what is present today in conflicts, wars and grievances in africa, asia and latin america, will come to us tomorrow. Both strife and peace know no borders." To love peace means to seek good fellowship with all people, to be benevolent and helpful to all around the world, and to work for rewards. The peace to the next had always worldwide social, economic and political dimension. That’s why a commitment to peace also includes a commitment to fair trade relations and the fight against climate change, which is turning many people into refugees.

Love to the next

Peace is the fruit of love for god and neighbor, schick said in his sermon. "On the other hand, in peace, love must be demanded among us people, to creation and to god, so peace can become on earth." Love of neighbor and creation is stimulated and sustained by love of god, the archbishop continued. "He who loves god, the sacrifice, also loves all that he has created and wants to bring to completion. Love of god gives hope, trust and the strength to love the next and the creation by working for them in a concrete and active way."

Winfried kretschmann receives medal against the seriousness of animals

Winfried Kretschmann receives medal against the seriousness of animals

Germany’s first and so far only green minister-president winfried kretschmann has received the aachener orden wider den tierischen ernst (order against animal seriousness).

With his fine sense of humor, kretschmann is a leading figure in german politics, said the chairman of the aachen carnival association, werner pfeil, at the award ceremony on saturday. Kretschmann is as quick-witted in his language as he is thoughtful in the matter at hand. "Often the people understand it even better than their own party," said pfeil. Kretschmann’s claim to take every person as he is is the swabian form of "everyone is different".

The minister-president of baden-wurttemberg passed the acid test in the carnival rhineland: his inaugural speech as a knight of the order in the aachen butt, the "narrenkafig", was loudly celebrated by the 1200 or so guests at the end of the festivities.

Kitzingen museum director remains on leave of absence

Kitzingen museum director remains on leave of absence

The city of kitzingen defends itself against the decision of the labor court to continue employing the director of the municipal museum. As reported, museum director stephanie falkenstein had received an extraordinary termination notice from the city of kitzingen when the municipal museum was closed in 2018 "until further notice" had been closed. Falkentstein had successfully filed a complaint against this. The ruling by the wurzburg labor court at the end of september obligated the city to continue employing the museum director in the first instance.

Now that the kitzingen city council has received this verdict in writing, the city is taking a stand: "we have examined this verdict together with the law firm that was commissioned to do so, and we find it incomprehensible in part. The content of the case concerns questions about the plaintiff’s employment contract and the quality of the city council’s decision in october 2018 to close the museum. Since the decision is not yet legally binding, we can not comment in detail on the content at this time." However, the city administration states: "we intend to appeal against the ruling."

City insists on its position

Probably in view of the legal dispute, the kitzingen city council decided in june 2020 to permanently close and wind up the municipal museum. From the point of view of the city administration, this decision strengthens its own position in court. Therefore, the city has also sent the museum director a second extraordinary and operational notice of termination. The training is done in a separate procedure, at the latest on the 1st day of the week. December, decided before the wurzburg labor court.

Apps for fuel prices only help to a limited extent

Apps for fuel prices only help to a limited extent

For some motorists, it’s the last consolation: if fuel prices at gas stations keep rising, at least fill up at the current best price. This is made possible by the so-called market transparency office for fuels. Operators of public gas stations are required to report price changes to the service station, which is then immediately made available to consumer information services. With the help of fuel price apps, drivers can then use their smartphone, PC or navigation device to find out the current fuel prices and the most favorable gas stations in their vicinity or in the region. Locate on a specific route.

Study: more competition

This option has now been available for five years. One such provider is the online portal "clever-tanken" based in heroldsberg (district of erlangen-hochstadt).De", which, according to the latter, more than 16 million motorists use every month. But fuel prices have actually fallen as a result of such portals? You can’t stop the current upward price spiral. But in any case, they called for competition at gas stations. This was the conclusion of a study conducted in summer 2017 by the dusseldorf institute for competitive economics under professor justus haucap. According to the study, since the introduction of the market transparency office, drivers have been filling up significantly more in so-called price tales. Previously, only 29 percent of all gasoline was filled at the ten percent most favorable prices at the gas station, after that 37 percent.

Prices fluctuate even more

Fuel price apps criticized by the federal association of independent gas stations (bft). The aim had been to minimize price fluctuations. Instead, the opposite has happened. This weakens the competitive position of the independent gas stations with the big players in the industry.