Cannabis trafficking busted in the main valley

Cannabis trafficking busted in the main valley

Within a short period of time, a 20-year-old man from a town in the main valley screwed up quite a bit and therefore had to answer to the juvenile court at the habfurt district court. The main focus of the prosecution was directed to the purchase and sale of the drug cannabis in no small quantity. Here it was a matter of business that the 20-year-old had transacted in the period from march to may last year.

Other misdemeanors of the young man from last year: in a forest stand near his hometown he damaged a hunting stand. In addition, he had skidded with his car on the sports field of the TSV westheim and probably damaged the ground there.

However, this procedure was discontinued, because other drivers had also tried such exercises and it was not clear by whom the ruts had finally been caused. The TSV was able to repair the sports field in its own efforts.

For his other offenses, the young man was given a one-year and two-month juvenile sentence by juvenile court judge martin kober, suspended for three years for probation. In addition, he will be given a guardian for two years.

1500 euros to addiction counseling
In addition, the convicted man has to pay 1500 euros to the caritas addiction counseling center in habfurt and attend four so-called drug screenings, where he is tested for illegal substances to make sure that he has actually renounced drug use.

It was considered in favor of the 20-year-old that he had made a comprehensive confession and had not previously made any notable criminal appearances.

About the case: the prosecutor christopher rosenbusch accused the defendant in several cases to have traded in cannabis products or to have acquired them for personal use.

Three times in the past year, the young man is alleged to have purchased small amounts of cannabis between 4.2 and 6.85 grams for his own use. The case also involved the purchase and resale of drugs in not insignificant quantities: the man had bought hashish plates six times, the smallest of which weighed 41.2 grams and the largest 186.9 grams.

The police had got wind of the events and one day stood in front of the 20-year-old's apartment with a search warrant. At the time, the officers seized a hashish plate that weighed just under 90 grams. There was nothing left of the other deals, but the young man made no effort to deny his business.

He had been cooperative from the start, said the police officer who had led the investigation and was called as a witness. But the 20-year-old apparently had no other choice: on a laptop that the police had seized from him, they found an excel file that precisely documented the drug transactions. In addition, pictures were stored on the computer and on the cell phone, which showed the accused and other persons posing with hashish plates or consuming the drug in the form of a joint.

Nothing covered up
The 20 year old did not even try to cover up anything because of this quite clear evidence. Instead, the police officer emphasized, the young man had helped to identify other persons involved in drug trafficking. "He did not conceal anything." With the help of the accused, a total of 19 other suspected offenders from the drug milieu could be reported.

This circumstance contributed to a reduction of the penal mabes. Prosecutor christopher rosenbusch was nevertheless amazed at how much criminal energy the 20-year-old had developed: "you've really done a lot of things in the past year. Rub your nose in it."

The 20-year-old now gets this chance: judge martin kober and the two officers sentenced him to one year and two months of juvenile detention, suspended for three years on probation (the prosecutor had demanded one year and four months of juvenile detention on probation). Should the young man die against the conditions of preservation, it will be tight for him.

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