Apps for fuel prices only help to a limited extent

Apps for fuel prices only help to a limited extent

For some motorists, it’s the last consolation: if fuel prices at gas stations keep rising, at least fill up at the current best price. This is made possible by the so-called market transparency office for fuels. Operators of public gas stations are required to report price changes to the service station, which is then immediately made available to consumer information services. With the help of fuel price apps, drivers can then use their smartphone, PC or navigation device to find out the current fuel prices and the most favorable gas stations in their vicinity or in the region. Locate on a specific route.

Study: more competition

This option has now been available for five years. One such provider is the online portal "clever-tanken" based in heroldsberg (district of erlangen-hochstadt).De", which, according to the latter, more than 16 million motorists use every month. But fuel prices have actually fallen as a result of such portals? You can’t stop the current upward price spiral. But in any case, they called for competition at gas stations. This was the conclusion of a study conducted in summer 2017 by the dusseldorf institute for competitive economics under professor justus haucap. According to the study, since the introduction of the market transparency office, drivers have been filling up significantly more in so-called price tales. Previously, only 29 percent of all gasoline was filled at the ten percent most favorable prices at the gas station, after that 37 percent.

Prices fluctuate even more

Fuel price apps criticized by the federal association of independent gas stations (bft). The aim had been to minimize price fluctuations. Instead, the opposite has happened. This weakens the competitive position of the independent gas stations with the big players in the industry.

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