4000 Euros for the security

"Attention – too fast", there are in many streets of the municipality of ahorn. From triebsdorf to wohlbach, a red flashing smiley with a grim expression appears to drivers who exceed the speed limit.

"Not every road user is automatically a speeder", said mayor martin finzel. "Often one is not aware of his own speed, is in thought and grateful for a hint instead of a bubgeld."

The municipality of ahorn already has three traffic control signs in use at various locations in the municipality. The experience has been positive throughout. This stock will be expanded, thanks to large private donations. Hubert becker and uwe hauck from wohlbach each donated 1500 euros for two information boards in the ahorner district of wohlbach. 1000 euros were also donated by christoph nemmert of nemmert haustechnik KG in ahorn.

Further mabreakdowns planned

The municipality of ahorn is grateful for this generous financial support and hopes that the self-monitoring and self-control devices will have the desired effect. The mayor and the public order office are currently in close contact with the district administration and the traffic police in order to take further measures for traffic safety.

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