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George clooney warned ben affleck about batman role

george clooney warned ben affleck about batman role

Hollywood star george clooney (58) has never made a secret of regretting his role as batman more than 20 years ago – he even warned one of his successors.

"I talked to him about it. I said, ‘don’t do it,’" clooney recalled monday (local time) on the "hollywood reporter" podcast of a conversation with ben affleck (46). The latter took on the role of the superhero in 2016 for a total of three films.

Clooney explained that he had made a lot of money for the "batman&" movie robin" (1997) got much less money than arnold schwarzenegger, who played the bosewight mr. Freeze played. "But i had to take the rap for it."The criticism of the cinema flop had focused on him, but he could understand that.

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Sebastian kotschenreuther: “rail travel? Rather not more”

Sebastian kotschenreuther:

It should be a nice trip with his family. But already the beginning clouded the day. Sebastian kotschenreuther, his wife and their daughter wanted to have a nice day in lichtenfels. "I actually love riding the train", says sebastian kotschenreuther. It started at the station in kronach. A mistake. "My wife had to heave the little girl's baby carriage and my wheelchair up the stairs. I then tried somehow to get up with my crutches", says sebastian kotschenreuther. Neufanger can walk a few meters with his crutches. For longer distances he then needs the wheelchair.

"What's the point of the voucher from the pension office that allows me, as a wheelchair user, to ride regional trains and regional express trains for free if I can't get to the track??", the young father of a family has been asking himself for a long time. Sebastian kotschenreuther cannot understand why deutsche bahn (DB) does not act at the station of a district town like kronach.

We ask the DB press office: why isn't the kronach train station being made barrier-free?? "The free state is currently in talks with DB's station& subsidiary, which is responsible for the railroad stations service talk about the further barrier-free expansion of railroad stations for the period 2018 to 2023", a press spokesman for the DB announced.

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Schnell criticizes argumentation of the district administration because of the situation in the moat

Schnell criticizes argumentation of the district administration because of the situation in the moat

In the discussion about the wish of a house owner in the moat to create parking spaces in front of his property, paul is now also quick to speak up. The manager of weka refers primarily to a statement by the district administration in which it declared that the listed ensemble in the moat would be disturbed by the department store (FT of 10 august). August, page 17).

"I did not want to get involved in this obvious official confusion. However, I would like to reject the assertion of the district office that the weka building is to blame for the fact that in the area of the disputed parking lot or the ditch, there is no beer brewing. There is no longer any ensemble worthy of note to protect. This ensemble did not exist before weka or did not exist anymore. The only noteworthy product was the ‘golden wagon’. It burned down during the second world war."

The weka building was built in several stages and in the main core it naturally bears the look "that was given to buildings in 1961 and which is also found in the neighborhood of the weka". Along johann-nikolaus-zitterstrabe it had been a flat-roofed building. Later, a second story and a gable roof were added here. "With each of these changes, an attempt was made to improve the appearance and to make the rather bulky structure appear smaller", emphasizes quickly.

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Trump’s ex-security adviser flynn admits to lying to fbi

Trump's ex-security adviser flynn admits to lying to fbi

Donald trump’s ex-confidant and national security adviser, michael flynn, is under indictment in the russia affair. Flynn made a confession as recently as friday to making false statements to the FBI about his russia contacts.

The indictment alleges knowing and premeditated substitution. Flynn is now cooperating with fbi special investigator robert mueller’s office.

Background is false statements to the FBI. Flynn has been criticized for his contacts with russia and had to resign after only a few weeks in office. In his contacts with russia, he was in direct contact with high and very high representatives of the trump camp, according to the indictment. One of the people not named in the indictment is believed to have been trump’s son-in-law jared kushner, according to media reports.

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Glaciers lose 335 billion tons of ice a year

Glaciers lose 335 billion tons of ice a year

This is the conclusion reached by researchers from zurich who evaluated satellite measurements and on-site observations. This means that the ice loss for all mountain regions can be estimated back to the 1960s, writes the team around michael zemp of the university of zurich in the scientific journal "nature". The data show that the annual loss of glacier mass worldwide has increased significantly over the past 30 years.

"Worldwide, we are currently losing about three times the remaining glacier volume of the european alps. And this is happening every year," says glaciologist zemp. Glaciers currently contribute 25 to 30 percent of global sea level rise, he says. Another cause is that ocean water is increasing in volume as the oceans warm.

The satellites digitally measure the earth’s surface and provide information about the thickness of the ice at different times. This has made it possible to monitor the changes at more than 19 sites worldwide.000 glaciers, the authors write. The glaciers had lost more than 9000 billion tons of ice between 1961 and 2016. This corresponds to an average global sea level rise of 27 millimeters. In the years 2006 to 2016 alone, it was an average of almost one millimeter per year.

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Child welfare organization calls for more attention to child poverty

Child welfare organization calls for more attention to child poverty

To combat child poverty in germany, the german children’s fund has called for an overall strategy from policymakers.

An interdepartmental plan between the federal government, the states and the municipalities is necessary in order to provide children and families with sufficient material security and to give them equal opportunities. Germany, as one of the richest countries in the world, must pay more attention to the issue, said the organization’s president, thomas kruger, in berlin at the presentation of the "kinderreport 2018". Individual measures such as an increase in child benefit are not enough.

Kruger spoke out in favor of the introduction of a basic child allowance that is independent of the financial possibilities of the family. According to the report, families with higher incomes have so far been relieved more than families with lower incomes. Benefits often bypassed eligible people because of weaknesses in the system.

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Archbishop schick comes to church jubilees

"This day is for us a great day of joy and at the same time the first visit of a chief shepherd of bamberg after the consecration of the church", declared in thurnau pastor thomas wagner, who also warmly welcomed the evangelic dean hans hager. "Joy, as the bible says, is what the bishop should bring when he comes to the parishes. I hope that we can do the same today", replied ludwig schick.

The archbishop made it clear that he wants to visit all the churches and chapels in the archdiocese of bamberg step by step, regardless of the jubilees. There are 800 of them, at the moment schick has visited almost 600: "but the most important thing is to visit the people who belong to it, the christians and of course the non christians as well." The goal, according to the archbishop, is to give thanks, to reflect and to give encouragement.

On the occasion of the construction of the church in thurnau, schick recalled the fate of the expellees and refugees. "They came here from their ancestral homeland. They had practiced their faith there, and that had given them something. Then they had to leave their homeland. Even in this difficult time of expulsion and flight, and the arrival here, people are on the move, faith provides support and orientation. He gives confidence, hope and also the strength to build up again. This is what they have experienced. And that is why they wanted to continue the faith in the catholic form also here. That is why this church was built. We have been able to use it for 60 years, and we thank you for it."

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Four new coveralls donated to aid organization

The ASB kronach district association was able to receive a special kind of kleinderspende these days. Nancy baier's textile business in tettau organized four brand-new overalls for the emergency services department of ASB kronach. The ASB is bavaria's second-largest aid organization – for three years now also in the district of kronach. In addition to the nursing homes in marktrodach and rothenkirchen – as well as outpatient care, the ASB is now also involved in the area of sanitation/rescue services and disaster control. With over 30 active helpers, the number of members tripled within a short time. The volunteers are active in the rescue dog squad as well as in the field of sanitary services.
In the future, two ambulances with a southern location in the county and a northern location can be staffed and maintained on a volunteer basis. Ingo holzmann and silke thannhauser were able to receive four service overals worth almost 1,000 euros for the service vehicles. The handover took place during a training course in trauma care "trema". Dierk beckroge informed about the new trauma management in theoretical and practical training units.

Tactical emergency medicine

In tactical emergency medicine, the overall situation must always be assessed. Not only a possible threat situation, but also the requirements of the operation, in which the emergency has occurred, must be taken into account. Standardization and team-oriented procedure according to "established algorithms" and the "common language" that has developed as a result had led to an improvement in patient care.

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Oldest person in europe dies in spain at the age of 116

Oldest person in europe dies in spain at the age of 116

Probably the oldest person in europe is dead: spanish ana vela rubio died on friday at the age of 116 in a retirement home in barcelona, spanish media reported.

The one on 29. October 1901 in andalusia was the oldest resident in europe and the third-oldest person in the world, according to the international "gerontology research group" (GRG). The list continues on 4. August 1900 born japanese nabi tajima on.

Vela rubio, a former dressmaker, was born in southern spain but had been living in catalonia since the 1940s, as the newspaper "el pais" reported. For four months, the 90-year-old daughter had also been living in the same retirement home. Only a month and a half ago, vela rubio had her 116th birthday there. Birthday celebrated.

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Hufner secures fifth overall world cup victory

Hufner secures fifth overall World Cup victory

At the world cup finals in paramonovo, about 80 kilometers from moscow, a second place on the day was enough for the 28-year-old to secure a permanent place in the luge history books: her overall victory number five put hufner on a par with former top luger silke kraushaar-pielach in the eternal best list.

In the doubles’ event, tobias wendl and tobias arlt missed their second overall world cup triumph by a hair’s breadth: the bavarian duo finished second behind the austrians peter penz/georg fischler. Only one day’s success was enough for the two, as the austrian world cup leaders andreas and wolfgang linger had made a big mistake and only finished sixth. But the germans missed their second overall victory after 2010/11. "At least we made it very exciting", wendl stated.

Hufner could feel the heavy pressure falling off her shoulders. "I have to admit that I was a little nervous before the race. We only have nine world cups, so you can’t afford to make too many mistakes," she explained. Last week, hufner had made the race for the crystal globe even more exciting with some serious mistakes in sigulda: team-mate natalie geisenberger had come within 26 points of the olympic and world champion.